About Me

My name is Christian Dürr, but people online usually call me UndeadLeech. I am a software developer and Linux enthusiast.

I am currently working as a Java and C# developer writing code with tools like Vaadin or the Microsoft Bot Framework. My language of choice for personal projects however is Rust. I have been using the language since 2016 and have been fortunate enough to contribute to amazing projects like Rust, Alacritty and Winit.

This website itself has seen many iterations. It has always been a playground to test new technologies for me and I have made versions of it with Apache, Nginx, Python's Flask and Rust's Rocket. At the point of writing this the website is just a simple static file host with Nginx, but things are constantly changing so that might not be the case anymore!

If you want to find out more about the projects I'm currently working on, make sure to check out my Github. For contacting me you can always reach me using email or find me on various IRC channels ("UndeadLeech" on freenode). You can find my public PGP key and email address pgp-key here .

If you want to experience this website properly, please enable JavaScript.

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